Gift certificates

Give some fresh air: offer a moment of happiness!


Gift Certificates

With a varied choice of river and sea kayak activity packages, you will certainly find the perfect gift for your loved ones, friends or colleagues.

Here are the open air activities you can offer in the form of gift certificates:
  • Winter kayak excursion from Cap-à-l'Aigle
  • Sea kayak, 1 day
  • Sea kayak, 1/2 day
  • Rivière du Gouffre descent - 12 km
  • Rivière du Gouffre descent - 20 km
  • Rivière du Gouffre descent - 25 km

Online purshase of gift certificates

Winter kayak excursion at Cap-à-l'Aigle

1 day sea kayaking tour | Gros Cap and Marine Park

1/2 day sea kayaking tour at Cap-À-l'Aigle

Rivière du Gouffre descent - 12km, 20km and 25km

You can make your purchase online via PayPal and get your gift certificate right away.

By telephone
You can call for your tickets at 1.800.453.4850

By Email
You can send us an email at, indicating what you would like to offer as a present. We will then contact you by telephone to finalize the purchase and send you the certificate in the mail.

Effective dates
Gift Certificates apply to river or sea kayak activities during the regular operating season. ( ex: winter sea kayak dates kayak hivernal).

Open Gift Certificates

Can't make up your mind about which activity to give? Just determine the value of the gift certificate and it will be applicable to all river or sea kayak activities during the regular operating season. The gift certificate qill be valid for a one year period.

Used Sea-K

Kayaks Spring sale 2018.



» Complete list of available kayaks

Brand Model Places Color Year Lenght Price(use)
Bernier Lattes cèdre Solo Wood 2004 17' 1150$
Artisanal Acajou LT17 Simple Wood+White 2004 17' 1150$
*Taxes incluses*


Red, 2011, Boréal Design Esperanto
Double polyethylene kayak with central storage compartment, a very widespread model in Québec with a solid reputation.

Price and Specs


2013 Wilderness Systems Zephyr 16.0
Solo polyethylene kayak high-performance sport model Small volume, with skeg

Price and Specs

Modes of Payment
Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Debit and Cash accepted.

Used recreationnals

Kayaks Spring sale 2018.



» Complete list of available kayaks)

Brand Model Places Color Year Lenght Price(use)
Old Town Escapade Solo Blue 2012 9,6 225$
Old Town Heron 9 Solo Cloud 2015 9,6 325$
Old Town Twin Heron Double Red 2015 9,6 600$
Old Town Vie II Double Yellow/Red 2009 12'6' 350$
*Taxes incluses*

small-manitou-tandem-w.jpg Necky Manitou Tandem 2010 bleu
Blue, 2010 Necky Manitou Tandem Polyethylene triple-seater, rear compartment, big rear skeg + small child's seat and big volume.

Price and Specs

small-old-town-escapade-w.jpg Blue, 2010 Old Town Esacapade
First prize solo polyethylene kayak, rugged and reliable, for lakes and rivers

Price and Specs

Modes of Payment
Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Debit and Cash accepted.



Sea kayak rentals

Kayak Type 1/2 Jour 1 Jour 2 Jour 3 Jour 4 Jour
Esperanto Double 50$ 65$ 110$ 150$ 190$

Sea kayak rentals are limited to customers having sufficient experience to navigate the St. Lawrence estuary and be able to self-recover.

  • Rentals can be made in Baie-Saint-Paul during regular business hours.
  • Accessories include: PDF's, paddles, spray skirts, wetsuits, anorak, booties, first aid kit.

Recreational kayak rentals - Rivière du Gouffre

Kayak Type 1/2 Jour 1 Jour 2 Jour 3 Jour 4 Jour
Récréatif Simple 25$ 35$ 65$ 90$ 120$
Récréatif Double 40$ 55$ 100$ 135$ 170$
Récréatif Triple 50$ 65$ 115$ 155$ 190$

Recreational kayak rentals are offered to autonomous customers to run the Rivière du Gouffre. Transportation and shuttle are NOT included so you must be capable of ensuring your transportation and that of your kayak to and from your point of entry in the river.

  • Recreational kayak rentals are made in Baie-Saint-Paul. See the HOME page for reception business hours.
  • Rental fee includes one paddle and one PFD.
  • Wetsuits are also available for rental. (see below)


Young or old, kites bring out the kid in you !

The beach at Baie-Saint-Paul is an ideal place to fly or learn to fly a kite. The ever-present wind will help you lift off. Since you're already here, come and discover our choice of kites. You'll find all you need for your youngsters, or to become young again yourself!


You'll be hanging on by a thread…

As a gift, a reminder of your Charlevoix vacation, your first try, or simply to enjoy this wind machine, our shop offers a variety of kites and accessories aimed at playing on the beach.

We have all kinds of kites: acrobatic, multicoloured, for toddlers and older 'kids'. Each one will make you live again and appreciate Baie-Saint-Paul's strong breeze.

Throw your cares to the wind...