Daylong Introduction to Off-Track Skiing (Hok) in the Grands-Jardins


Discover the natural habitat of Grands-Jardins National Park


Discover the enchanting trails of Grands-Jardins National Park on a secluded off-track skiing adventure. The tranquil and undisturbed nature setting offers you the unique opportunity to explore off the beaten path.

What to expect: an introduction to off-track skiing with OAC skis. The guided tour of this hidden gem within Charlevoix is known for its breathtaking views and secluded quiet ambiance.

Tours at Grands-Jardins take place weekly on Sundays and require a reservation. An optional shuttle service from your accommodation in Baie-Saint-Paul is available for your convenience.

To Discover

  • A Nordic Skiing trek in open nature;
  • The spectacular landscape of Grands-Jardins National Park;
  • The lead and guidance of an experienced adventure tour guide
  • The possibility to encounter winter fauna

The Setting

The excursion takes place within a forest trail surrounded by the mountains and lakes of the Malbaie region. You will take in the panoramic views of this UNESCO-recognized nature biosphere reserve.


The trek’s path is surrounded by lakes. On occasion, we will cross the lakes or scale around them from mountainside trails that overlook these majestic bodies of water.

You will notice animal footprints from an impressive variety of winter fauna; lynx, coyote, moose, otter, and even other animal footprints permit a glimpse of the vast world that lives in this natural habitat. If luck would have it, you may encounter some of these animals for a truly unforgettable experience.

How to Prepare

Bring layers of clothing required for your comfort, as well as an extra change of clothes to switch into after the excursion. It is recommended that you bring a blanket or an extra layer for lunchbreak on the trek.

There are outhouses with dry toilets at the starting point, refuge de la Galette, as well as at the lunch break spot, refuge du Pointu. Offering a warm and rustic ambiance and heated by wood stove, refuge du Pointu is the ideal location to warm up and eat lunch. Be sure to pack your lunch and bring enough water and energy snacks to keep you satisfied during the course of your excursion.

Information and price

Season Open Dates

From January 16th to March 14th, 2021 - On week-ends at 9 am

Minimum 6 people required.

Meeting Place and Time

Refuge de la Galette, km 34, route 318, Parc national des Grands-Jardins, QC.


years Princing : Guided Service from the Grands-Jardins Guided Service from the Grands-Jardin
18 years et + 99 $ 119 $
10-17 years old 69 $ 89 $

Contact us in advance to reserve the shuttle service:

the taxes are not included.


The package includes…

  • The service of an adventure tour guide
  • Rental of HOK Ski-Snowshoes and Poles
  • An introduction to off-track skiing (11 km)
  • A lunch break in a heated shelter
  • Lunch (hearty stew, bread, cheese, and dessert)
  • Park entry to Grands-Jardins National Park

The package does not include…

  • Personal winter clothing
  • Backpack
  • Water, snacks, and additional meals
  • Taxes (14.975%)
  • Tips


Equipment Included

  • OAC Skis (Ski-Shoes) 147 cm or 127 cm
  • Ski Poles

Equipment Required

  • Winter boots (sturdiest possible)
  • Coat and Snow Pants
  • Additional clothing layers (fleece sweater or vest)
  • Synthetic long-underwear
  • Tuque, gloves, scarf
  • A change of clothes
  • Backpack (optional)
  • Water and energy snacks

Excursion and Duration

Approximate Distance
11 km

Difficulty Level
Parcours MODÉRÉ nécessitant un effort d’ascension à l’occasion et la capacité de faire une marche d’environ 4-5 heures (11 km), entrecoupée par des pauses et un repas d’environ une heure.

Schedule From 9:00am to 4:00pm

9:00 : Meeting at Refuge de la Galette
9:30 : Introduction
10:00 : Ski Excursion Start
12:30 – 1:00: Meal at Refuge du Pointu
1:00 : Excursion Continues
3:30 : Excursion Ends at Refuge de la Galette
4:00 : Participant Departure

7 hours total / 5 hours active Includes 1 hour of preparation/introduction and 1 hour for lunch break.

Start Time

Meeting at 9:00am at Refuge de la Galette.


Photos and videos