Tandem paragliding initiation flight


Paragliding in the Gouffre Valley


Paragliding is closest way there is of flying like a bird. The silence, the landscape under your feet, the sliding air that supports you… Tandem flying requires no experience on behalf of the passenger. A two-seat paraglider with a larger wing surface is used. The few safety steps necessary to insure a safe take-off are given by the pilot instructor before the flight.

The tandem paragliding flight is the ideal activity for those who wish to experience the sensations of free flight at least once without investing in formal training.

Location: wind speed and direction determine where the flight takes place.

  • Mont des Florents in Baie-Saint-Paul, altitude 350m
  • Cap Martin in St Urbain, altitude 450m

Technical explanation

During the flight, the passenger is placed to the front of and slightly below the pilot, not so as to block his vision. This way, the passenger can freely admire the panorama all around him (or her). Besides, being seated during the flight allows one to take in the experience in relative comfort.

The flight is entirely controlled by the pilot instructor. Nevertheless, conditions permitting, the passenger can also try his/her hand at piloting the paraglider under the pilot's supervision. Don't worry! It is completely optional and up to you to decide!

Information and price

Opening period

Back in 2022 !


Shell Service Station A. Côté, 1600 Blvd Mgr de Laval, Baie St Paul, QC G3Z 3B6 (at intersection of route381

Price for each participant

Tandem paragliding flight
Adults (14+) 114 $
Les taxes ne sont pas incluses.


The package includes…

  • Qualified pilot supervision
  • Basic instructions
  • Necessary flying equipment

The package excludes…

  • Your personal sports garments
  • Taxes (14.975 %)


Included equipment

  • One Wing

Required equipment

  • Athletic shoes
  • Windbreaker
  • Seasonal flexible clothing

Route and length

Flights in the Gouffre Valley

Difficulty level
This activity is accessible for people aged 18 and more. You need a minimum of physical condition (between 46 and 108 kg), as long as you are capable of running a few steps during takeoff.


Flight duration depends on weather conditions at the time. As there is no motor to assist with flight, only updrafts can allow us to stay airborne for a

  • Generally, flights last between 7 to 15 minutes, depending on conditions.

Departure hours

Between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

Once you have made your reservation, contact us by telephone the day before your activity to confirm the next day's flight.

  • We will then give you the exact time of the flight.

Note that because of changing weather conditions, it is preferable to leave yourself some leeway in your schedule.


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